In Lokalise, with the new document file support, you can upload, translate and download DOCX and HTML files without the need to create key entries. This feature is available with the Essential plan and above. 

Project type differences

The Editor for document files is a little different compared to Lokalise’s standard key-value Editor. The main options stay the same, however, there are some limitations:

  • Fewer integrations (some platforms do not support the DOCX format)
  • Fewer upload and download options
  • Inability to add new keys/paragraphs within the Editor

How to start

In order to start using this new feature, you have to create a new project and choose the Documents project type. Support for PDF, InDesign and other formats is coming soon.

Uploading the documents

Import or drag the DOCX or HTML file you want to upload and choose any other relevant options, if needed. In the context of document files, paragraphs are accounted for as keys. One paragraph = one key.

Dashboard overview

The dashboard menu stays the same. You can see the overall progress of your project as well as that of the languages. Yet, there is a small change: our new feature for document file support tracks the progress of each document in the project separately. The Adding language option is also available on the dashboard.

In addition, you can manage your documents by renaming and deleting them directly from the dashboard.

Editor overview

The Editor allows you to add new languages and track translation progress. Note that for the document file Editor:

  • Only the bilingual view is available
  • You cannot edit the source language
  • It is not possible to add new keys in the Editor

Even though it is not possible to add new keys, you can add new paragraphs. In order to do that, or when you are updating the text in the source language, you need to:

  • open your initial DOCX file
  • make the necessary changes there
  • upload the modified/updated file choosing the replace modified values option

Your translations will remain safe — everything stays the same, only the new paragraphs will be added.


Our platform allows you to upload documents without having to alter the document structure. Images will be uploaded to Lokalise even though they will not be displayed inside the Editor. You will get the images back in the right places when you export the file.

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